About us

INDA Iniciativas is a company that specialises in public funding (European programmes, aid, and grants). It is made up of professionals from complementary fields (entrepreneurship and business competition, social affairs, environment, cultural and creative industries, etc.) working together as part of a multidisciplinary team to offer solutions and alternatives that are resilient and sustainable in the long term.

Founded in January 2014 with a clear vocation for Europe, our company offers high-end, specialist, and personalised consulting services. Most of the company’s activity is focused on the processing, management, assessment, and dissemination of European projects.

INDA Iniciativas has years of experience successfully advising and monitoring the design and execution of European projects promoted by Spanish public and private entities within different programmes of the European Union, such as COSME, Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, Interreg, etc.

We focus our technical and human resources on providing high added-value consulting services for technical and financial solutions in all kinds of investment projects.

what we offer

Why us?



Public and private entities are increasingly turning to aid, grants, and European funds to finance their projects. Nevertheless, the complexity of public funding projects means that it is necessary to hire professionals who specialise in comprehensive management, and that is what we offer here at INDA Iniciativas.




We offer high quality personalised services at highly competitive prices, supporting the project through all stages (from identifying the source of funding, designing the project idea, looking for partners and submitting the request, and all processes related to obtaining a grant and completing the project).

We always share (take on) part of the risk.

Our clients can always count on our help and commitment, so they can rest assured at every step of the process. Co-responsibility is part of our philosophy.



We have vast experience with European projects. Over the years, we have prepared or collaborated in multiple projects in fields such as entrepreneurship and business competition, innovation, social economy, agriculture and food, tourism, rural development, the environment, social inclusion, culture, and youth.

network of collaborators


We have a broad and reliable network of collaborators on a European level, which means we can always find suitable partners for each project and build lasting consortia and strategic alliances. Furthermore, transnational cooperation helps us acquire and share knowledge and experience, develop new ideas and innovate. In short, it helps us optimise our competitive capacity and resilience.

Many public authorities, universities, charities, and private companies have placed their trust in us before embarking on international projects.

Clients and collaborators

INDA Iniciativas collaborates with regional and local public authorities, universities and research centres, private charities, and Spanish and European companies.

an international network

We work with many entities throughout Europe. We have a large network of collaborators, which allows us to create consortia, networks, and strategic international alliances with committed and experienced entities.

We carefully select each partner for our projects, because we believe good cooperation is the key to success.


Some of our collaborator partners in Inda Iniciativas projects

Algúns dos socios colaboradores de Inda Iniciativas