AGROSMARTglobal Project

INDA Iniciativas is managing this project for AGACA (Galician Association of Agrarian Cooperatives) within the programme Interreg SUDOE 2014-2020, with a total budget of 1,598,000 euros.

The AGROSMARTglobal project is carried out between October 2019 and September 2022. It covers 10 regions of the SUDOE, looking to alleviate the disadvantages of rural areas, as well as encourage development and economic cohesion by generating skills and searching for more efficient and effective transnational solutions that can support agricultural cooperatives in their specific needs and improve their competitiveness by creating and consolidating networks and services to support internationalisation. Its main purpose is to consolidate space for interconnection, interaction, and competitiveness of the agricultural cooperatives of the SUDOE through the development of advanced support processes, tools, and services that enable smart international positioning, promotion, and expansion through digital marketing strategies that encourage cooperation between companies. An international consortium made up by 10 beneficiaries is responsible for the project.

The specific objectives of this project are:

  1. Support the digital internationalization of the Soutwest-European agri-food cooperatives, taking benefit of the advantages offered by new technologies and the evaluation of electronic commerce at an international level.
  2. Promote the positioning of the agri-food products of the Southwest-European cooperatives in the international market, relying on their endogenous nature and quality and protecting products under Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) labels, as well as organic products on the Internet.
  3. Strengthen the association of the Soutwest-European cooperative tissue and the creation of alliances  with professionals in the destination market in order to facilitate international promotion and expansion via inter-company cooperation and networking.

The project products will mainly benefit the agri-food cooperatives of the SUDOE space and will consist of:

  • Joint Strategic Plan for the digital internationalization of small and medium agricultural cooperatives in the SUDOE territory
  • Technical consultancy for digital internationalization
  • Pilot projects regarding Digital internationalization
  • Joint education and training program in digital internationalization
  • Joint campaign for the promotion and international positioning of the products of agri-food cooperatives

The main innovative aspect is that the project makes use of the Internet as a basis to facilitate the export of products: smart marketing. The project introduces the digital internationalization of cooperatives in the SUDOE space. It is the first project that will try to improve the conditions of internationalization and positioning of its products through the use of new technologies, while also addressing the internationalization process from a standpoint of cooperation, seen as a key resource to implement advanced support mechanisms and services, and smart international marketing strategies aimed at markets like China and the USA.

INDA Iniciativas is responsible for the processing, financial and technical management, and support in communication (image design, communication plan, etc.) of the project.