Space for competitiveness, promotion, and smart international expansion of agri-food cooperatives in the rural SUDOE area.


Project management for AGACA (Galician Association of Agrarian Cooperatives) for the programme Interreg SUDOE 2014-2020, with a total budget of 1,295,000 euros. The project was carried out between July 2016 and June 2018. It covered 6 regions of the SUDOE, looking to alleviate the disadvantages of rural areas, as well as encourage development and economic cohesion by generating skills and searching for more efficient and effective transnational solutions that can support agricultural cooperatives in their specific needs and improve their competitiveness.

The main objective was to create a space for smart promotion, interconnection, and interaction, with advanced support structures, tools, and services for supporting agricultural cooperatives of the SUDOE to improve technological innovation, management, and commercialisation by encouraging knowledge, good practices, and cooperation. An international consortium made up of eight beneficiaries was responsible for the project.

INDA Iniciativas was responsible for processing, financial and technical management, and supporting communication (image design, communication plan, etc.) in the project. Its success led to the new AGROSMARTglobal project in 2019.