Our services

Management of aid, grants, and European projects

  • For grants in English, Galician, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

  • Advice on identifying funding for all kinds of projects
  • Processing of aid, grants, and European projects in all territories and in various languages

    • Designing the project idea de proxecto
    • Searching for partners and creating consortia and international networks
    • Creating the project proposal (application forms)
  • Coordination, management, and monitoring of projects

    • Reformulating applications for projects
    • Organising international meetings to implement (kickoff meetings) and monitor projects
    • Coordinating the consortia and monitoring the project
    • Administrative and economic management the project
  • Assessing of European projects

    • Planning of the assessment system
    • Elaboration of tools and reports de avaliación

Communication & dissemination


  • Creating communication and dissemination plans
  • Designing transfer and capitalisation of results plans

  • Designing the visual identity

  • Press communication; dissemination and promotional materials; producing and preparing texts and documentation

  • Organising dissemination and capitalisation of results actions

  • Mobilisation through social networks

  • Organising and managing national and international gatherings, meetings, and conventions

Other services

  • Elaboration of plans, programmes, studies, research and reports on economic, social, and cultural development

  •  Preparing, managing, and delivery of training courses

    • Training in the analysis of funding opportunities
    • Training in the preparation and administrative and financial management of European projects

Our team

Our team is made up of passionate people for whom European programs hold no secrets. We have vast experience in the design and implementation of international projects, which we have earned by working on projects with different public and private European bodies. At INDA Iniciativas, we can be proud of the success we have enjoyed, and the trust placed in us since the start.

Our strong points are motivation, commitment, professionalism, and a high level of knowledge on public funding in the European Union.

We assign a specialist team to each service. This team can:

Transform an idea

into an application for success, identifying the most suitable source of funding for each project.

Guide the coordination

and technical and economic management of each project, offering comprehensive and personalised support.

Search for sustainability

in each project, providing training and disseminating results.

Always seeking excellence. With us, every step is clear and easy.

We speak English fluently (as well as four other languages) and can help you translate and prepare the documents you need to execute the project successfully. We have the necessary training,which is the key to the success of our projects. Our team has many years of international experience gained in different European entities. We can meet expectations and adapt each project to the individual needs of our clients.


INDA Iniciativas has worked in different programs of the European Union, such as COSME, Horizon 2020, ERASMUS+, Creative Europe, Europe for Citizens, Interreg, etc. Find more information here.