Transnational incubator for creative entrepreneurship in european rural areas


Project management for the Vedra Town Council. The objective was to develop a virtual and in-person ecosystem for support, consultancy, stimulus, and training, as well as opportunities to implement innovative ideas aimed at empowering young people in their professional development. It also encouraged a culture of entrepreneurship aimed at securing self-employment opportunities, paying special attention to creative entrepreneurship in a rural European context. Promoted within the framework of the ERASMUS+ 2014-2020 programme (Key Action 2), the total project grant was 144,161 euros, and it took place between September 2017 and August 2019.

The project involved creating a multidisciplinary and transnational network comprising professionals from six entities from different EU countries. The network was used to establish the foundations for a transnational incubator. At the same time, innovative and high-quality methods, mechanisms, tools, and content were developed, and a pilot action plan was implemented.

INDA Iniciativas was responsible for the processing and global management of the project.