Empowering women in European project management consultancy


KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training
ID KA210-VET-F381987D

Project total grant: 60.000 €

General Objective

WEWON aims to foster women’s entrepreneurship and to empower European project management professionals, especially women, in leading successful and fulfilling careers. More specifically it aims at supporting opportunities for women in acquiring and developing key competencies and at promoting collaboration and dialogue with decision makers in order to overcome the obstacles characteristic of the sector, thus fostering innovation, improving access to European grants (especially for SMEs, local public authorities and social economy actors) and increasing the social impact of European projects.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • the identification of new models of training and career guidance for European project managers based on professional’s needs to empower professionals, especially women, and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills;
  • the creation of a knowledge sharing network of European project managers to identify new business models of sustainable European project management based on collective intelligence, social value and equality, and to initiate a collective effort and an effective mobilization of skills to tackle the problems faced by the industry;
  • the initiation of a dialogue with local and European decision makers to have the skills and the role of project management professionals recognised and valued.


The main activities implemented by the project are:

  1. identification of new models of EU consulting based on collective intelligence, social value and equality;
  2. creation of a network of at least 10 women European project managers professionals and organization from at least 5 different countries to increase the collaboration and knowledge sharing among the actors, the sustainability of the business and social and economic impact of the sector;
  3. creation of a roadmap to increase the preparedness of professionals and enhance the social impact of the sector;
  4. dissemination and exploitation of the projects’ results to encourage VET providers to adapt PMs training programs increasing the chances of professionals to lead successful careers and improving the sustainability of businesses, and to raise awareness on the opportunities and challenges face by women in the sector.


  • Limeup issc (Italia)
  • INDA Iniciativas SL (España)
  • GY Academy Ltd (Malta)