Empowering mothers for accessing the labor-market


KA210-VET – Small-scale partnerships in vocational education and training
ID KA210-VET-3E25817D

Project total grant: 60.000 €

General Objective

MoWe4Job project aims to place the gender economy at the center of the post-pandemic recovery dialogue by strengthening mothers’ soft skills and facilitating their access to the labor market.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • to raise awareness on labor market barriers for mothers and the mitigation measures for enhancing a better socio- economic inclusion and promoting a cultural change through family roles rebalancing (i.e. the system of paternity leaves);
  • to strengthen mothers’ skills to access the labor market by activating their soft skills and a work-life balance strategy and developing new digital skills;
  • to initiate a dialogue with local public authorities, job centers and trade unions on actions to reduce the maternity gaps in the labor market access and create the conditions to remove discrimination in the workplace.


The main activities implemented by the project are:

  1. awareness campaign on mothers‘ access to the labor market and gender equality, focusing on the parental leaves system and other mitigating measures to strengthen mothers’ consciousness of the possibilities, policies and measures they can put in place to progress their role in the labor market and in the economy;
  2. creation of a survey questionnaire submitted to 150 working mothers in the 3 countries for gender communication and skills gaps analysis;
  3. training programme deliver to 30 working mothers aimed at activating and developing soft skills to improve competitiveness in the access to the labor market
  4. communication & dissemination of results in order to raise awareness of the role of mothers in the social economy in Europe, thus contributing to widening the attention on the gender issue and the importance of adopting strategies and policies that reduce gender disparity in the economy.


  • GY Academy Ltd (Malta)
  • Limeup issc (Italia)
  • INDA Iniciativas SL (España)